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Team Diagnostic Profile [TDP]

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The TDP uses the same SPT ten factors of team performance from an internal team member and external interface perspective. Feedback to the team is combined into graphs and specific development advice, plus there is a rich assortment of (non-identified) verbatim written comments from the various contributing stakeholders. Star Performing Team Model

The profile report produced aids a team to identify its areas of strength plus those areas and issues that need to be addressed in order to maximise team performance.

A major consideration in the design of the TDP was the need to maximise flexibility, clarity and accessibility for users and limit completion time so as to minimise rater fatigue.

Consequently there are 10 questions in both the internal and external questionnaires together with opportunity to comment on the team's performance for each factor.

The TDP by factor:
  • Led - The team is appropriately and effectively led.
  • Aligned - The team is aligned internally and with other key stakeholder groups in the pursuit of clear goals and values.
  • Effective - The team is effective at decision making, problem solving and recognising opportunities.
  • Focused - The team is customer focused and regularly reviews the meaning of success.
  • Stretched - The team is high output, high quality focused.
  • Adaptive - Team members are quick learners and change-responsive.
  • Empowered - People in the team take responsibility for their functional area.
  • Harmonious - The team is open, co-operative, supportive and trusting.
  • Balanced - The team is balanced in skills, temperament and the task achievement cycle.
  • Informed - The team communicates well.

Would you like a TDP sample?

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