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Profile Accreditation (In-House customised programme)
Accreditation in New Zealand

Access to and usage of the TMS Products is gained via Accreditation Workshops which ensure in-depth understanding of the system, its theoretical and research base, ethical boundaries and practical application. Each Accreditation licenses individuals in particular Profiles.

There is no requirement to become accredited in all products. Accreditation is open to anyone and commonly obtained by HR development consultants, in-house HR employees, trainers and line managers. Once accredited you are an Accredited Network Member and will receive a number of membership benefits.

The cost of an In House Accreditation Workshop is dependent on the choice of profiles and quantity of participants. Economy of scale is gained with greater number of participants. Accreditation includes comprehensive course materials.

You can be licensed in the following profiles via the In House Accreditation process:

Accredited Consultant Showcase

Sound Bite Discussion



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