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Leadership Behaviours Profile [LBP]

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This full range leadership instrument provides feedback to the subject on overall rater scores, graphed stakeholder group scores and Emotional Intelligence. It contains written free flow feedback on successes, strengths, training and development needs, and suggestions for leadership improvement.

Leadership Behaviours Model

LBP Captains Wheel

"Certainly the best full range leadership 360 profile I have ever used. It consistently highlights strengths and leadership development areas of focus. This 360 tool and process, and the accompanying coaching, has had a very significantly positive effect in re-energising the leadership performance of participants."

Fiona O'Sullivan, Director: Corporate Cognition



The LBP has:

  • a fully automated portal system that makes the process administratively friendly
  • wide application across different types of intervention, management and organisations
  • current norms of almost 7,000 leaders with 'Other' rater records of over 40,000
  • robust courseware and coaching options to support the accredited facilitator



Version 5 LBP has had the following enhancements:

Group Data

The LBP now provides a breakdown of results by rater groups.

In addition to showing the self and supervisor(s) scores, "others" scores are now grouped into "peers" and "reports", (provided that there are at least 2 raters in each group).

There are two ways in which the new version displays Group data:

  1. A colour coded spider diagram which visually allows participants and their coach to easily identify where there are similarities and differences between the various stakeholder groups.
  2. A Group Table representation.

By providing both options the profile provides for different preferences, some prefer pictures, others prefer tables and numbers.

Importance Scale

The LBP now measures the 'Importance' of each of the eight Factors for the subject's specific role.

Both the 'supervisor' and the 'subject' measure the 'Importance' out of 10. This helps better understanding of the requirements of leadership in the specific role that the subject occupies.

The information is presented in a table in the report and any significant differences between the views of the Supervisor and the Subject are highlighted in red.

This has the potential to create a conversation around what really is important for the leader in question, whilst at the same time acknowledging that all eight factors have some importance.


Report Presentation

Finally, the LBP report has undergone a contemporary "face lift". Improved layout is supported by modern graphics with more explanation of each section. All of these changes, however, have been carefully integrated with what makes the LBP such a powerful Leadership Development tool – its ability to assist users to extract clear action plans and to recognise their strengths.

The Pulse Report for the LBP (6 months accountability check)

The Pulse Report for the LBP represents a snapshot of progress along your leadership development journey six months beyond the original LBP 360 event.

The sequence leading up to this Pulse Report is as follows:

  • Participation as a 'subject' in an LBP 360 process.
  • Learnings are then converted into between 4-5 Personal Development Leadership Objectives or Actions.
  • Recorded actions retained in TMS's secure on-line database.
  • Completion of a short on-line questionnaire by the participant and their manager/supervisor only (Pulse questionnaire) measuring your progress thus far.

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