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Team Management Profile [TMP]

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The Team Management Profile is a personal report compiled from your answers to a special Questionnaire. The Profile gives you insights into how you prefer to work and how you are likely to interact with others in the workplace. This model is a visual representation of the roles that need to be fulfilled. The Profile gives you information about your probable areas of strengths at work and within a team. It is the starting point for learning and development, and a tool that will give you a better understanding of how to maximise your potential and work with others.

The Team Management Wheel was developed to show the major roles that need to be covered in any work team. It provides teams with a clear visual model and a simple language that can help them discuss how people and tasks can link together in the most effective way.

The Wheel shows eight major roles. At the centre is Linking: a set of activities that everyone needs to carry out to provide a co-ordinated framework for the work of the team as a whole. The skills which make up Linking can be learned from experience and from training.

Work Preferences

Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel

How have others used the Team Management Profile?
The Team Management Systems approach has been used widely in public and private sector organisations worldwide. Because the Team Management Profile offers insights on a personal, team and organisational level, it can be used to inform many different issues. These include:


1. Work Allocation

Many teams exhibit gaps in certain areas of the Team Management Wheel. You may like to carry out a team review of the percentage distribution scores or Team Balance Wheel to show any areas of work which your team preferences do not cover. Team members can then allocate responsibilities according to their preferences to cover any gaps.

Team Balance Wheel

Team Balance Wheel Example

2. Job Satisfaction & Motivation

Research shows that people enjoy working in roles where there is some degree of overlap between their preferences and the demands of the job. Your pie chart can provide a framework for exploring the degree of overlap between your current role and responsibilities and your own work preferences. You may also wish to look at the possibilities for redefining your job in line with your preference.

3. Change Management

Familiar models and an easy-to-use language of work make it easier for everyone to handle new goals, new roles and new colleagues. Knowing yourself is more important than ever as new opportunities arise and roles come and go. Many people are part of several different project teams. The Profile speeds up the process of building new teams and getting them working effectively.

4. Conflict Resolution

Mutual understanding and respect for diversity are important keys to conflict resolution. Both lie at the heart of the TMS approach. A major strength of the Team Management Profile lies in its ability to help people see the world through the eyes of others. People learn to appreciate that they need people who work in different ways. The Profile helps give an awareness of how to interact more effectively with people who have quite different ways. The Profile helps give an awareness of how to interact more effectively with people who have quite different working preferences.

Pacing Cards

Pacing Cards

5. Cross-Cultural Teamworking

It is a common mistake to blame problems within cross-cultural teams on different national characteristics. However, misunderstandings are more often due to differences in the way people approach work, regardless of nationality. The Profile gives team members a shared model and language for teamworking that helps them to work together more effectively. They see that conflicts or difficulties arise simply because individuals have preferences for different team roles.

The Profile is available in 8 European languages and has been used extensively within international teams.

6. Interviewing

The Team Management Profile is not designed as a selection tool. It can be helpful, however, in terms of providing a framework for discussion in a final stage interview. It will help you to explore how the interviewee prefers to work and what kind of role they would like to play in a team.

7. Leadership

Good leaders understand the special role that each member of the team can play and know how to deploy individual according to their strengths. The Profile helps the process, while the TMS model of teamworking provides a strong framework for a collaborative and developmental approach to leadership.

8. Meeting effectiveness
9. The Learning Organisation

Personal learning starts with self-understanding. The Profile gives you insight into your work preferences and provides useful feedback that can orient a personal development plan.

10. Mentoring / Coaching

The Profile can be a powerful starting point in a learning partnership. You can return to it again and again in discussions about personal career goals, development aspects of the current job and interactions with others at work.

11. New Technology

New technology is radically changing the way we all work. But the fundamental concepts and models within the TMS approach still apply. Where new systems are being implemented, it is important to know what your strengths are, what role you can best fulfil within a team and where you can best fit into the new-style organisation.

New technology can also make communication more complex. Understanding how team members prefer to interact and communicate can help you exploit technology better to facilitate teamworking.

12. Outplacement Counselling

Insights from the profile provide a strong sense of identity and a very positive approach at a time when things can seem uncertain and negative. This makes it easier to refocus career expectations and seek out the opportunities most likely to provide fulfilment.

13. Problem-Solving

How people link with tasks and with each other holds the key to effective problem-solving. The Profile can help to ease problems and guide teams to more creative problem-solving. People often need to work together to find and implement a solution. Knowing how you fit into a team, what your special strengths are and what kind of people you need to complement your strengths is essential.

14. Sales and Account Management

Sales training often focuses on the development of specific skills and techniques. With a much greater emphasis on customer service and relationship management, there is now a need to develop enhanced communication skills. An awareness of your own role preference and communication style gives valuable insights about how to modify your behaviour to develop rapport with others.

15. Takeovers and Mergers

The reorganisation associated with organisational mergers can be eased with tools that provide a constructive approach to task allocation and teambuilding together with a focus on better communication and conflict resolution. The Profile gives information that helps people to work together in new ways. It promotes mutual understanding of role preferences and strengths within the team, as well as respect for different organisational cultures.

16. Team Design

Putting people and tasks together in a way that releases energy and affords the maximum chance of success is a skill needed by all managers and leaders. The Profile give you a much better chance of getting it right because they give you valuable information about where the energy is and clarity about where it needs to be directed.

There are numerous additional support materials that are available to ensure full benefit is obtained out of any intervention.


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