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Emotional & Social Intelligence [ESI]

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Emotional and Social Intelligence Capability Framework

The development of the above framework recognises the growing awareness of the importance of both emotional and social intelligence in contributing to organisational and leadership effectiveness.

Underpinning the Framework is a range of related criteria. These are intentions, emotions, skills and social factors that determine how well we know and master ourselves; understand our organisational, cultural, social and interpersonal context; and effectively function within the multiple layers of organisational life.

The Framework is built around four interconnected layers (represented by the four dimensions in the model): Self Insight; Self Mastery; Social Insight and Social Mastery. These dimensions underpin our Emotional and Social Intelligence, and each of them comprises three capabilities, within each of which are five behaviours.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

Emotional and Social Intelligence

The Framework's four dimensions fall into either the upper left and lower right sides, or the upper right and lower left halves of the globe.

Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile (ESI)

The Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile (ESI) is a feedback report based on the results of a multi-rater 60 item questionnaire.

The ESI compares observed emotional and social intelligence by the self and close colleagues.

Specifically, ESI provides feedback on:

  • behaviour in 12 capabilities
  • the profile also provides written feedback on perceived leadership contributions over the previous six months; as well as suggestions on how the subject might develop their emotional and social intelligence.

Emotional and Social Intelligence profile

Intended use of the ESI

The ESI feedback report is built primarily around the leadership capabilities and behaviours of executives in both public and private sector organisations in the context of performance management, and leadership and management development programs.

Online Questionnaire Distribution System

The Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile uses our unique Online Automated Questionnaire Distribution System. Please click here to learn more about this free service

The Pulse Report for the ESI (6 months accountability check)

The Pulse Report for the ESI represents a snapshot of progress along your leadership development journey six months beyond the original ESI 360 event.

The 'Pulse' involves the completion of a short on-line questionnaire by the participant and their manager only, measuring progress thus far.


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